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Debt Collection

Payment is due but the debtor can no longer be reached. May it be due to relocation or someone in hiding, our experts are able to trace any absconded debtor with the latest processes and technology? Debt collection can be extremely frustrating if you are not able to reach the source, however our success rate speaks for itself. It is important to note that the strategy we follow aligns with all legal requirements without compromise..


The debtor can no longer be reached. May it be due to relocation or someone in hiding, our experts are able to trace any absconded debtor with the latest processes and technology? We do in-house tracing using the most recent tracing tools, as well as trace debtor by going to their known residential and work addresses.

BPO Call Centre

A time consuming, yet necessary feature to any company is making telephonic contact, whether it be for sales or client retention. We have the technical infrastructure, process expertise and management experience to be your call centre partner. This feature is a great benefit to those who don’t want to make a long term commitment, yet have the service of a call centre at a low cost. Our call centre represents your company with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity.



You need to know your rights when it comes to bad debtors and in more cases than not, legal advice and action is necessary. With this said, it is just as important for debtors to know their rights regarding payment and whether the measures taken are legal. With our in-house attorneys, we have the best action plan in place, for when the time comes. Working internally also allows for superior turnaround time and keeping all the work under one roof allows for effective management.

Door to Door Collections

Often debtors simply won’t pay their accounts after numerous phones calls and later become impossible to reach by phone. In this case, we visit the debtor allowing for better results in solving the case and upfront payment. This method also assists in updating the debtor’s information.

The steps taken during door to door collection:

Signed AOD
Debicheck verification
Photo and address data
Meter readings
Query consultations
Data enrichment
Serving Letter of Demand(LOD)
Pre-Termination Notice


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A bit about us

Karliff design was established in 2005 by Mr Karliff Wilson. Karliff designs is a specialized debt recovery company which is a 100% black owned.We believe that good communication is powerful, hard work is essential and exploring the unknown is important.
To continuously EXCEL in efficiency and strive to become more EFFECTIVE, We honor our Values of integrity establishing and maintaining excellent client relationship.

  • INNOVATION AND RESEACH-well –informed developments
  • TRUST-we value positive relationships and respect
  • TEAM WORK-we believe in team work and achieve goals
  • EXCELLENCE-we are committed to achieve high standard


The Company

We are proud of our level one BBBEE status which aligns with our well-balanced management team regarding race, and we intend to always make choices according to historically disadvantaged individuals when new appointments are made. Not only do they promise respect, transparency and direct feedback for employees, but they also promote good communication between each other. For business done by remote workers, our value statement is not something that most people would think of. Since remote working can often be lonely and isolated, the last thing you will expect is a company promoting teamwork and communication. But Karliff designs promote both communication and respect among employees. Transparency, trust and service excellence is the root of our success. Our commitment to fair debt collection practices is uncompromising. This means that everything we do is based on the highest degree of integrity and ethical behavior. tion in line with all local business standards, codes of conduct and legal requirements. These standards are not only important to us, but also our clients

Our Philosophy

We always think about the type of services our clients need from their perspective and always make our clients our top priority to provide the best, most competitive, timely services to achieve this aim. We will continue to endeavoring to establish sound relationships with all our partners, growing ourselves while doing so .We understand that we cannot keep going unless we are able to contribute to our clients and debtors .Therefore ,we will endeavor to offer the best services to our clients. We are not satisfied with the status quo, with the technology inspiration always on our mind. We will work hard every day to be better than yesterday. Team work is important, and we will help our colleague remembering to be lenient if one is unsuccessful despite best efforts and faith.


Why US?

Our debt collectors are skilled in the latest debt recovery process, software and we use it for our collection strategies. Clients and consumer’s information are treated with the highest confidentiality and integrity.

Our Team

We are a highly dedicated team.

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Debt Collections
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